TradeSchool Version 4 for FileMaker Pro 15
You can download your new FileMaker Pro software and install it using the software download page. Be sure NOT to uninstall your current version of FileMaker until your Server and Database has been updated by TradeSchool Inc. staff.
What's new in TradeSchool 4
  • FileMaker Pro 15— TradeSchool is fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 14 and later, including the new FileMaker Pro 15. This version utilizes many of the new enhancements, security and stability features of FileMaker Inc.'s latest flag ship product. You must make sure your computers meet the minimum system requirements of FileMaker Pro 15.
  • Updated Web Services— TradeSchool v4 offers new password controls, Instructor services (view/edit Attendance, Tests and Grades), online Job Evaluations, Contractor services allowing limited view of apprentice data to Contractors and Union officials, addition controls over hidden/viewable data, bug fixes and other enhancements.
  • SMS Text Messaging— Send SMS Text messages directly from TradeSchool to member cell phones via the Correspondence framework. You can merge fields and post-to-history just as you do with Letters and Emails. SMS Text messages incur a 2.5 cent fee per text. You can send 100 text messages a month for only $2.50. Send notifications of late/missing Apprentice time cards, Journeyman class cancellations and more.
  • Contractor Evaluations— Integrated with the Online Work Report submissions, TradeSchool v4 now includes Contractor Online Evaluations. Apprentices can send their work reports to supervisors via the Web Services, and supervisors can now log in and complete their apprentice evaluations online.
  • Instructor Services— With TradeSchool v4, instructors can be granted access to class information online. This includes viewing and/or editing attendance, test scores, and other grades.
  • Enhanced Message Log— The new message log now includes pagination for viewing ALL messaging history and a new search functionality to drill down for accurate message history reporting. Along with the messaging log you can now navigate pages and perform searches in the new "Web Services Failed Login Attempts" log. This can help with troubleshooting and provide extra security to see failed login attempts to the Web Services.
  • File Encryption— TradeSchool v4 now utilizes FileMaker's built in Encryption at Rest (EAR) capabilities. This ensures that all your sensitive data stored in TradeSchool is fully encrypted and protected at the lowest file level.
  • Additional Storage and Abilities— This version of TradeSchool offers more storage, fields and abilities in numerous ways including:
    • additional Merge Fields
    • additional Grade fields (up to 120 for Grade 1)
    • "Progression" scores (individual Grade/Test scores for Apprentices)
    • area interview tracking (when one application is used to apply for multiple areas)
    • apprentice class registration online (when apprentices sign-up online they are now added as Apprentice type students)
    • auto sending notifications of advancements and job assignments when posting via the new notification system
    • much more... including numerous bug fixes and enhancements
  • Updated UI— TradeSchool v4 has updated several User Interface components including Font Size, Contrast and Coloring making the software visually appealing and easier to use.
Get TradeSchool v4
Call 1-800-402-8773
  • Schedule your update— As part of the maintenance and support program you are eligible for the latest versions of FileMaker Pro and TradeSchool software. Please contact our office to schedule the best time for updating your system: 1-800-402-8773.
  • What you need to know— Updates are available by appointment and can take up to 4 hours to complete (sometimes more for larger systems). During the update your TradeSchool database will be unavailable and the Web Services will be disabled. Upgrades must be scheduled during weekdays and cannot begin later than 4:00 PM PT. Updates that do not finish by 4:00 PM will be completed by 10:00 AM the following work day.
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