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TradeSchool trial requires FileMaker Pro

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When logging into TradeSchool use the following credentials:
Username: admin
Password: test

TradeSchool Pricing

TradeSchool Client Bundle

The bundle includes 1 Seat (concurrent connection) of TradeSchool and 1 license Key of FileMaker Pro which connects to the Server Bundle (Server Bundle required). You need a Client Bundle for every device which connects concurrently (at the same time).


TradeSchool Server Bundle

A pre-configured server which hosts the TradeSchool database solution using FileMaker Server. The server is ** required ** for TradeSchool, and is used to manage concurrent clients as well as web connections.


1 Year Maintenance & Support Contract

TradeSchool Inc phone support, email support, online training videos, TradeSchool Updates, Server Maintenance Updates, Cloud Backup, Web Services, FileMaker Software License maintenance, Web Hosting (CPanel).

$799.00 per Seat (server counts as a seat)

NOTE: 1 Year Maintenance and Support is required with NEW purchases
New customers are required to purchases 1 Year of Maintenance and Support