TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software

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TradeSchool Pricing Initial purchase minimum - 4 items:

1. TradeSchool Client Bundle

The bundle includes 1 Seat (concurrent connection) of TradeSchool and 1 license Key of FileMaker Pro which connects to the Server Bundle (Server Bundle required). You need a Client Bundle for every device which connects concurrently (at the same time).


2. TradeSchool Server Bundle

A pre-configured server which hosts the TradeSchool database solution using FileMaker Server. The server is ** required ** for TradeSchool, and is used to manage concurrent clients as well as web connections.


3. 1st Year Maintenance & Support Contract

TradeSchool Inc phone support, email support, online training videos, TradeSchool Updates, Server Maintenance Updates, Cloud Backup, Web Services, FileMaker Software License maintenance, Web Hosting (CPanel). Each seat requires $999 yearly maintenance. The server also counts as a maintenance item (seat) as well.

$1,998 (One client seat and one server: $999 ea.)

4. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

This annual fee covers the cost of keep all client information safe and web access protection regularly updated. Your web access and data must keep up with the increasingly challenging world of information security. We are profoundly committed to the highest levels of firewall security and data encryption for your company as well as our web services.


NOTE: 1st Year Maintenance and Support is required with NEW purchases.
Data migration, if required, quoted seperately.