TradeSchool Web Services

Web Services for your TradeSchool Members

TradeSchool Inc offers a full suite of Web Services for our TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software.

Web services allow your members to log in and access limited information from their account history in TradeSchool. Member services allow you to offer a rich set of applications to your students, journeyman and applicants for a small annual fee, without the cost and overhead of developing one from scratch.

Web services are optional and not required to use the TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software. You can deploy web services from your TradeSchool software, customize web screens and enable/disable features according to your office needs.

Apprentice Services

Web services allow apprentices to login online from a web browser or mobile device. Features are controlled by your settings in the TradeSchool software, so you can enable or disable specific capabilities. Allow them to view Work Reports, submit new Time Cards, view Employment history, Advancement history, Job Evaluations, Class Test scores and Grades.

Class Registration

Journeyman and Apprentices can view online classes available for registration. They can register for classes with the built in shopping cart and checkout and pay with a credit card. All registrations are processed by the TradeSchool application in your office and each student is added to class automatically. Email notifications make sure your members receive receipts and your office is informed when online class signups occur.

Application Services

Enable applications online to allow public applications for your apprenticeship programs. Online applications are recorded in your tradeschool software so you can monitor the applicant progress, and communicate with them via email. You can set time limits on applications, create your own forms and charge for application fees via Credit Card. All settings for online applications are controlled in your TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software settings module.

Other Member Services

Journeyman, CEU students and other members can log into Web Services to view their previous training credits. They can print Transcripts, download PDF Certificates (dynamically generated by TradeSchool) and update their contact information. Web Services also allow members to view their prior TradeSchool Web Services transactions, for easy viewing and printing of past invoices.

TradeSchool Inc. is devoted to the service and satisfaction of our customers. We are dedicated to solving your software problems through custom design, on-sight training or phone and email support.